The Yves Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc Lizard-Effect Leather Tote: A Perfect Office Bag

Aug 23, 2012 by

The Yves Saint Laurent  Cabas Chyc Lizard-Effect Leather Tote: A Perfect Office Bag

It is absolutely impossible to overlook YSL.  I have to confess these last few months I have constantly tried to search for colorful and, why not, a bit eccentric apparel. That piece that stands out through extremely unusual patterns and style.

As a result, I began writing about the exact opposite. I came to understand that it doesn’t exactly matter the forced complexity of certain items. It is in those simple lines, curves and textures that one can find the pure sophistication.

For that reason and many other more, I see myself entitled to repeat: it is impossible  to ignore Yves Saint Laurent. Especially  the bags.  And by that I mean the Cabas Chyc lizard-effect leather tote.

You only need just one look at this beautiful tote and I guarantee that you will fall in love. As a small bag-addict, I cannot even describe the feeling I had when I first saw it.

Picture only a child’s look when he finds the perfect toy in the store. Actually, that was me crossing over  this amazing Yves Saint Laurent tote.  Certainly there are many more that resemble to it and for sure the “lizard effect” isn’t something new.

The fact is that YSL Cabas Chyc lizard-effect leather tote is the flawless office bag. And no matter how many people will tell me this YSL tote is also suitable for one’s leisure time, it is just cruel and disrespectful  to wear it otherwise.

Most of the people I’ve seen bought it in dark-taupe, but I surely prefer the one Jennifer Garner was seen with, a sensational navy blue.  You can also find it in the store in tones of grey or dark brown.

With plenty of space and an impeccable design, this beautifully crafted Yves Saint Laurent tote is that office bag I was so eager to have.

If you’d like to buy it, you can find it on for $1820.00. The YSL Cabas Chyc Tote is available on different colors.