The Patrizia Pepe Two-Tone Fur-Lined Leather Gloves

Dec 17, 2012 by

The Patrizia Pepe Two-Tone Fur-Lined Leather Gloves

How would Winter look like without a nice and cozy pair of gloves? Well, you’d be freezing for sure. But let’s just not worry about this little detail because I just found the perfect ones!


Before writing about them, I tried first of all to find any flaws the pair could have. The only thing I came up to was the length because they end right at the base of the hand. But, let’s be serious,  this just isn’t a real drawback, most of the gloves come in this length.


So, let me introduce you to these fantastic two-toned gloves from the one and only Patrizia Pepe. As I said, they come in two basic colors, the primary one being maroon and the secondary brown. You can also find them in tones of pink, yellow or blue with the secondary black.


Patrizia Pepe Two-toned gloves bluePatrizia Pepe Two-toned Gloves pink-blackPatrizia Pepe Two-toned gloves yellow-violet


The gloves are the perfect choice even for a harsh Winter, the rabbit fur keeping your hands in a safe haven. You wouldn’t want to miss them out, the Patrizia Pepe gloves really are a great bargain. Shop them online from for $256. So, keep calm and let it snow!