The Orlando Orlandini Sole Ring

Dec 27, 2012 by

The Orlando Orlandini Sole Ring

  I am ashamed to acknowledge I had never knew about Orlando Orlandini Jewellery. In fact, if it wasn’t for one of my girlfriends who recently received a ring bearing his signature, I would still be unaware of his creations.

  I actually forced her into telling me the designer’s name and I was pleased to discover a marvelous collection of fine jewellery.

  But in this article I decided reviewing the same ring she got for Christmas, the so called Sole ring from the new Orlando Orlandini Collection.


  This ring is a magical mix of geometrical shapes surrounded by refined diamonds, a combination  that makes even the most casual outfit seem glamorous and exquisite. It is singular in design, shape and choice of metals and stones.


Orlando Orlandini Rose Gold and Diamond RingOrlando Orlandini Rose Gold and Diamond Ring - side view

   I admit I envy her for getting such a fine piece.  What more could a woman wish for? Orlandini’s Sole ring comes in 18K rose gold beautifully ornamented with dazzling round-brilliant shaped diamonds.

  There are few jewellery designers capable of such art and innovation and Orlando Orlandini has become the first on my list of favorites.

   You can find the Orlandini Sole Ring on for $3,460.00.