The New Feather Sandals by Jimmy Choo

Jul 15, 2012 by

The New Feather Sandals by Jimmy Choo

Whenever you are looking for a spotless and perfect crafted pair of sandals, you can always turn to Jimmy Choo. I cannot surely understand what it is, maybe the design, the choice of material or color, but every single pair of Jimmy Choo’s makes my heart skip a beat.


I had the exact same feeling when I saw the Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Collection and especially when I discovered these perfectly crafted sandals. Clearly and evening choice, these shoes will become that ‘thing’ in your wardrobe that you will never let go. You can wear them from everything, whether you opt for an elegant charity ball, a private party or even for a girls night out.


Once again we find that the feather shoe can be reinvented and will never die, in particular when it bears such a such incredible craftsmanship. Not only are they most simplistic but also the most distinctive pair of sandals that Jimmy Choo ever offered us.


This highly elaborate feather shoe is 130mm high with a 10mm platform and our super sexy ciggy heel. It’s the perfect choice for any fashionista. Although this pair of sandals has a recent birthdate, you can easily pre-order it from the official page.