The Advanced Marine Biology Day Cream from La Prairie

Jan 5, 2013 by

The Advanced Marine Biology Day Cream from La Prairie


Rarely does a woman normally change her skin care habits. It’s not the fact it’s highly NOT recommended, but once you get use to a certain product rarely do you wish to change it. You know it works for you and that’s enough.


In my case, my favorite manufacturer suddenly decided not to commercialize the face cream I used. And the situation was even more worrying as my skin simply doesn’t accept one day without any cream.


As you have probably imagined, I’ve done my research and I came to the conclusion that an adequate day cream for a normal tan would be one from La Prairie. From tons of products, I found one that’s ultra-hydrating which in the same time encourages the production of natural collagen.  And this is how your skin becomes once again firm and elastic.


Funny how everyday events influence your work-related decisions! I decided to present to you the Advanced Marine Biology Day Cream from La Prairie, the cream I have recently chosen for myself.


La Prairie Advanced Marine Biology Day Cream SPF 20 50 ml

I was quite amazed how rapidly my skin accommodated with La Prairie.  In fact, every time I changed my skin-care products I knew I would have at least 2 days of some sort of rash. This time I didn’t! And after only one week I saw indeed the benefits: my skin is firmer, smoother and way more radiant than it was when I was using my old cream.


Here are a few more details just to be sure what you buy:


  • A multi-effect, highly concentrated cream for daytime protection
  • Features a new aquaculture for advanced anti-oxidant protection against free radicals
  • Broadly shields skin from UV rays to prevent premature aging, wrinkles & sun spots (SPF 20)
  • Improves skin moisturization & its ability to bind in moisture
  • It comes in bottles of 50ml/1.7oz


If you’re interested, I found it at a more advantageous price than what I paid on for $175.00. You have free shipping included as well! Enjoy!