Simple White Leather Strap Watch from Anne Klein

Mar 27, 2013 by

Simple White Leather Strap Watch from Anne Klein

  For what concerns watches, I must say that I am pretentious and very picky when choosing the right one to go with my outfit.

  The Anne Klein White Leather Strap Wristwatch is very simple, yet denotes a refined sense of fashion. This watch immediately caught my attention while I was browsing on Amazon for a gift pick for a dear friend of mine.

  I know she is more like the Swedish minimalistic type when it comes to fashion accessories and doesn’t like at all wearing glossy stuff. So this watch is perfect for women who love a simple yet elegant and refined refined fashion style. Since the watch face isn’t too big, nor too small, the Anne Klein wristwatch can be worn together with an office wardrobe and also with a casual outfit on a night out.

  The gold and white combination is perfect, not too glossy yet not too dull and the white leather strap feels very smooth on your skin. Considering the low price of this product ($59.50), I must say that Anne Klein matched up a good price over quality ratio. This elegant wristwatch isn’t too bulky and the balance between size and style is suitable for any type of girl concerned a little bit about fashion, or who just simply has a good taste for wristwatches.

Anne Klein Women's 109168WTWT Gold-Tone Round White Leather Strap Watch

  The Anne Klein White Leather Strap Watch can be found at Amazon for just $52.90.