The Hussein Chalayan Cropped Twill Blazer

Jan 10, 2013 by

The Hussein Chalayan Cropped Twill Blazer

Today’s choice for a really nice outfit is a a beautiful blazer, who tends to be both original and elegant.

I’m talking about the Hussein Chalayan Cropped Twill Blazer, an item which evokes the sense of the 70s alongside a premium color for the Fall/Winter 2012 collections – the petrol blue.

I see most of the women choosing to fill up their wardrobes with dull and colorless outfits. Stop doing that!

Look at this Hussein Chalayan elegant and simplistic blazer. It has eccentric lines and a nice color, but in the same time this blazer is more elegant than most of the one’s I’ve seen.

Moreover, I find it perfectly suited for an office outfit.

With natural lines and and beautifully executed design, the Chalayan Petrol Blue Blazer shows the meticulous cutting skills of the designer and a perfect architectural shape.

Easily wearable for any occasion, this specific piece of clothing is a must for this cloudy season.


Hussein Chalayan Blazer 2012

An entire collection from Hussein Chalayan is available right here.