Nina Ricci – Mademoiselle Ricci perfume price cut-off

Feb 7, 2013 by

Nina Ricci – Mademoiselle Ricci perfume price cut-off

  After I bought this perfume and used it for a special dinner occasion I immediately felt the soft sour rose smell combined with a woody musk fragrance, falling in love with its scent.  The smell is very fresh, inviting your partner for a kiss and tell session with your partner.

  Maybe you know or you don’t, but the Mademoiselle Ricci smells very similar to Kenzo’s Flower. I personally like both, enjoying the notes of nerium oleander, rose hip&laurels and it best fits a young delicate woman.

  The “Demoiselle Ricci” , as french call it, has been launched in 2012 and it’s suitable for all occasions, but compared to Kenzo’s Flower, Mademoiselle Ricci has a note on romanticism, due to the fresher and lighter smell.


mademoiselle Ricci from Nina Ricci 1.7oz


The perfume has a good lasting power and the pink bottle looks very exquisite, in my opinion. It can be found as Strawberry with a price cut-of of 3%, as in $68, which is a great price for a 50ml (1.7 oz) from Nina Ricci.