Michael Kors Rose-Gold Women Watch

Mar 9, 2013 by

Michael Kors Rose-Gold Women Watch

  As you probably already know, Michael Kors is one of the most-known names in American fashion watch industry. The rose-gold style is very fashionable nowadays as more and more Hollywood celebrities prefer this color on their wristwatches.

  This model was launched in 2011 but it’s a very desirable model among the high-end fashion lovers, as this watch has a distinct look through it’s Tortoise Rose-Gold-Brown nuance wristband.

  The 39mm diameter is perfect for a delicate woman’s wrist, not being too big and not too small. The sophisticated-bling general aspect of the watch comes into attention in a discrete manner, as this watch denotes elegance and refinement.

michael kors rose-gold wristwatch for women


  The dial is exquisitely nuanced with a rose-gold color outlined by an opaline outer finish and a textured center, which makes it a perfect choice for a wristwatch that can be worn both at office and noticeably with a more provocative wardrobe in a nightclub.

     One thing is certain, this watch is a hard thing to go unnoticed with. It can be found at Amazon for $237.