Michael Kors Olympia Snake Ballet Flats

Nov 17, 2012 by

Michael Kors Olympia Snake Ballet Flats

Winter hasn’t come just yet. We can still wear a few things that would remember us about our last beautiful Summer. So let’s take a look at the marvelous Michael Kors ballet flats that are perfect for this Fall.  They’re called the Olympia Snake Ballet Flats and they come in python leather with sand or crimson dégradé.

The flats follow the same line Michael Kors has used since his first appearance on the stage, that classic look everyone adores with extravagant touches.  This time, it’s not exactly the design, but the materials and colors that offer a vibrant and flawless look>

Don’t walk away from the ballet flats just because in the calendar it says November. The weather is still beautiful and you’ll have plenty of time for boots.

The Olympia Snake Ballet Flats are a perfect choice to round out a casual look but they can also be a match for your office outfit.

  You can buy the Michael Kors Olympia Ballet Flats for $250.