How to match your hair color with your skin tone and eyes

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How to match your hair color with your skin tone and eyes

    Matching up your hair color with your eyes and skin tone is important because there are some color combinations that will work our great for a darker skin tone and some color combinations that work great for a lighter skin tone. So be sure to match up perfectly your hair color according to your skin tone and eye color.

Below you will find the combinations that match red hair, dark hair, blonde hair and caramel blonde hair.


red-hair-color match

  Red hair fits best a lighter skin color. If your skin is olive colored or has a yellowish tint beware and try to avoid a red hair contrast. Also, it is well known that red hair fits best green or blue eyes. You can go for a red hair color if you have hazel eyes, but you’ve got to pay attention to your skin color as it has to be white. (photo up)

black hair color match


  Black hair matches a clean skin, without scars or acne, and it works great with fine facial features. That’s because black hair, especially if it’s dark black, hardens your facial features. Brunettes match great with any eye color, so if you’re brunette with dark hair you don’t have to worry about your eye color. Your skin tone can be white or brown, it’s only essential to have a clean and neat skin. (photo up)

blonde hair color match 

  Blond hair helps you get noticed immediately. You can go for blonde for any skin type except pink. If you started having rosacea (wiki), beware of blond hair. Blonde hair fits best fine facial features, light colored eyes (blue, gray, green or hazel) and caramel blonde eyebrows. If you have a darker skin color be sure not to pick silver blonde but a caramel blond tint or a darker blonde tint. (photo up)


  Caramel blonde hair is another choice of blonde, but more natural. It matches perfectly a darker skin color and brown or green eyes. Pick caramel blonde hair or a darker blonde tint if you have a brown or olive skin color. (photo up)

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