Marchesa silk-chiffon embellished dress

Aug 4, 2012 by

Marchesa silk-chiffon embellished dress

Who wouldn’t want to wear this fantastic Marchesa  dress freshly delivered to you directly from the newest collection?

There is no other dress that would inspire more feminism and more glamour than this fantastical soft chiffon pink dress. With amazing crystal details and with an off-the-shoulder structure, there is no question that you will be the night’s attraction.

It’s an embellished silk-chiffon gown mainly vintage-inspired with elegant crystal appliques.  After all, Marchesa dresses are an ideal example of grace and exquisite appearance.

Making no exception, this off-the-shoulder dress invites you to enter the magical world of the 19th century ball. As it is, the Marchesa silk chiffon gown could be perfectly worn at a black tie event without any other accessory. It emanates just enough perfection and sophistication  only by its  simplicity and its classical tone.

Surprisingly chic and utterly luxurious,  this exquisite dress  is the epitome for elegance, no matter the person, Marchesa being once again the right choice for an evening event.