How To Make The Right Transition From Summer To Fall Wardrobe

Oct 19, 2014 by

How To Make The Right Transition From Summer To Fall Wardrobe

  Transitioning from hot to cold is quite a challenge for every fashion conscious person. Switching the summer clothes with the fall items will completely redecorate your dressing and your style will change too. Changing your wardrobe simultaneously with the change of seasons is very important in order to have all the clothes and accessories at reach.

   Here are some steps you have to make to properly get through the change of seasons:

Banish the summer pieces from your fall wardrobe

   One of the most common mistakes when transitioning from summer to fall is to keep your summer style around. Make sure to get rid of the sandals, fluid skirts, flowered blouses and other summery prints. Another nostalgic idea inspired by summer days are the all white outfits, which are completely unfitted to gloomy fall days. Once fall has landed, it is a bit ridiculous to continue to wear pieces that scream “summer”. Choose instead pieces in neutral colors, created from thicker materials that will protect you against cold, and don’t forget to accessorize them with some statement jewelry, in order to add a touch of glamor to your autumnal look.

Pick up the right trends for you

  Your dressing will be subject to a complete make over, different not only from the summer décor, but also from the last fall’s wardrobe. Information is power; pick from the glossy magazines and from the fashion sites the fall trends that really suit your figure and style and start including them into your cold season outfits. Don’t run away from classic fall pieces and include some essential pieces into your fall wardrobe.

 The timeless leather jacket will perfectly dress up your jeans, as well as a knitted cardigan.

Get rid of the clothes that do not fit you anymore

  Keeping pieces that don’t fit your silhouette anymore is a mistake that will overload your dressing with unnecessary clothes. Make sure to avoid any clothes that don’t fit you perfectly anymore.

Don’t be afraid of bright colors

    Most of us use to associate summer with white shoes and fall with black shoes. Well, fall doesn’t necessarily means brown, grey or black. Create playful outfits by mixing up colorful, embroided or printed shoes to your fall looks. Sticking to a full palette of fall colors will make your outfits look dull and husky. Beside neutral tones, add a touch of bright color to your outfits, choose layers instead of deux pieces, abstract prints instead of uni, and these creative mixes will perfectly define your playful fashion style.