MAC – A Tartan Tale Eye Shadow: The Power of Fabulous Makeup

Mar 2, 2013 by

MAC – A Tartan Tale Eye Shadow: The Power of Fabulous Makeup

 More than any other part of the makeup process, the eye shadow is the one setting you apart and giving you a distinguished look, no matter the patter nor the color used.

 MAC – A Tartan Tale Eye Shadow is in this case the one making your day fantastic rather than boring.

 No matter what you’ll choose, and believe me, there are endless possibilities, this limited edition eye shadows were especially designed to make your day.

  The Tartan Tale Eye Shadow, along with all its variations (Glamora Castle, Follow Your Fantasy, Enviably Fun, Semi Precious or even A Wish Come True) is softly textured and you can easily glide, this way getting a smooth and even makeup.

  What’s even more important is the fact that the color stays true, so what you buy will be exactly what you get.

  Another key factor is the eye shadow’s capacity to last for a long period of time and to easily remove it when you want.

  The MAC Tartan Tale eye shadow is also a right choice for all women worried about covering their skin with unhealthy cosmetics.

  In fact, all the MAC products are designed to give you the best experience without any problems afterwards – no redness, skin rash etc.

  As far as the Tartan Tale goes, you can use the MAC’s Glamora Castle for a more dramatic and smokey-eyes look, however, for a more glamorous occasion, I would bid on the MAC’s Semi Precious.

MAC - Eye Color A Tartan Tale Eye shadow - Semi PreciousMAC - Eye Color A Tartan Tale Eye shadow - Glamora Castle



If you opt for a natural look, A Wish Come True and Follow Your Fantasy would be the obvious choice.

MAC - Eye Color A Tartan Tale Eye shadow - A Wish Come TrueMAC A Tartan Tale Eye shadow - Follow Your Fantasy

And last, but not least, use the Enviably Fun pattern to get the flirty look the guys so much enjoy.

MAC A Tartan Tale Eye shadow - Enviably Fun

  The Tartan Tale may be one of the best products I’ve used so far from MAC. As I’ve mentioned above, you can choose from a variety of patterns and not one eye color from this collection looks the same like the other on your eyelid.