Lanvin Leather Ballet Flats: Just Pick Your Color!

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Lanvin Leather Ballet Flats: Just Pick Your Color!

  One has to admit that most of the ballet flats in the market, although they seem to be extremely comfortable, they are actually not.

  It happened to me more than once to buy a fantastic looking pair, only to hate it the next day; either the cut over the toes was making it impossible to wear it for a long period of time OR the material wasn’t so fantastic as I’ve previously imagined, rubbing the back of my foot or giving me a hell of an ache!

  So you have to understand I’ve been looking for comfortable and fashion ballet flats for a while now, which makes me a little expert in the matter! I’ve tried on enormous amounts of designer flats but right now I am very enthusiastic for what I’ve settled for.

  If you’re looking for a casual every day wear and for a classy fashionable pairing, you’ve just come to the right place.

  The Lanvin Ballet Flats are all of this and much more.  They are made from exceptional quality leather which makes them highly flexible and, of course, well made.

  They also come in various colors so as to decide alone what colors will match your needs and style. You can easily match them with casual clothes and with more of a professional outfit.

  These joyful Lanvin ballerinas go along just fine with skinny jeans or dressy outfits and they’re the right choice for those who put comfort in the first place.

  Their simplicity denotes sophistication and the range of colors will help you decide for what style you’ll opt for: will it be classy? Or maybe a little childish? Perhaps you’re looking for something eccentric?

  Well, this choice will be solely yours, but no matter what it is, Lanvin has one pair for every type of personality!

Further details:

  • Rounded toe
  • Elasticized topline
  • Leather insole, sole with rubber toe and heel inserts
  • Upper: Calf leather
  • Runs slightly large – we recommend trying one half size smaller; European sizes.


Here are some images to help you better decide:

Lanvin Leather Ballet Flats

Lanvin Leather Ballet FlatsLanvin Leather Ballet Flats

Lanvin Leather Ballet Flats

Lanvin Leather Ballet FlatsLanvin Leather Ballet Flats

  Finally, what I can tell you is that I can’t let go of them anymore and that I’ve made myself a promise: I’ll buy another pair of ballerinas only after I’ll wear these ones out! If interested, the Lanvin  Leather Ballet Flats are available at for around $350 depending on model.

  Wear them out!!