Cute Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend, the Anne Klein Titanium Watch

Feb 10, 2013 by

Cute Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend, the Anne Klein Titanium Watch

  Picking the right gift for your girlfriend can be sometimes hard, if not impossible if you don’t know exactly what her tastes are for clothes and accessories.  Knowing that there are only four days left until Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to help you out, reviewing this fabulous wrist watch I found today on Amazon at a fair price.  This could be the perfect gift for your girl, if she has a taste for fashion and exquisite accessories.

  Maybe you have heard before about Anne Klein, but if you haven’t it’s okay, I’ll clear you up a little. Anne Klein is a visionary who stood up as an American fashion icon for more that three decades, creating clothes and unique styles that are well known for their sophisticate design and good taste of high-end fashion.  She has been a clear militant for American women’s fashion rights and needs, providing the US scene with a form of self-expression and empowerment for women.

  This watch has a 34 mm silver-tone polished case, making it a superb color pick no matter of the skin color of your girl , this watch will surely match her skin contrast.  The titanium color on this wristwatch looks very rich and classy, also the mirror being polished in the same color-tone, making it a great buy if you want to impress your girl. (only $93.23 via Amazon)

anne klein titanium wristwatch

   The moving mechanism is a reliable Japanese quartz and the watch is water-resistant up to 99 feet, which is great to know if she takes it out to the beach.

   Being such a sophisticated, yet elegant model, this wristwatch is feminine, yet very bold.  Due to the Swarovski crystals on the watch lid, you can be sure your girl will be spotted immediately wearing this fabulous accessory, and that’s what we girls crave for, to be spotted instantly.